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Can’t login to Hotmail?

There is many occasions where you can’t Sign in to Hotmail account. Most of the times you forgot your password, misspelled the password, no connection etc.

Here, we’ll be talking the most common login problems that you might face in the future

Forgot the password

This is one of the most common problems that almost all the users face during their login. Even I had this problem while I was new to Hotmail. Actually, the problem is we have many accounts including Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Hotmail etc. So, sometimes you can’t remember the right password for the right account. Also, while creating an email account, we are advised and suggested to use the strong and secure password in order to keep our account safe, which later turns out to forgetting the password. So, if you have forgotten the password, first of, keep calm, you can easily reset the password if you have all the information correct in the sign up process.

So, first off, go to the login page of Hotmail.

Here, click on “Forgot the Password” and continue with the steps provided and you can easily get the new password. But if you haven’t submitted any mobile numbers or alternate mail address, things can turn hard here. Therefore, if you haven’t submitted any of these, please submit it now and secure your account. Here’s the visual presentation of how you should do it.

Misspelled the password

This is another common problem nowadays. As the password are shown in asterisk *, you can’t see the password you are typing. So, most of the user’s type in their email password fast and make a mistake here. So, until and unless you are good at typing, make sure you type in slow and know what you are typing. This will prevent you from facing login problem. Furthermore, nowadays, mobile login is popular and most of you might not know that while typing the first letter, it is always in uppercase. And as passwords are case sensitive, it will not match with your account. So, make sure to type in the correct case while typing in from mobile devices.

Account blocked

Sometimes even after knowing the right password, you can’t login to your email account. This might be because you account is blocked or deleted. So, in these cases, it is better to contact the official Hotmail support center and ask for the better solution.

So, these are the common login problems while signing in to outlook. There are other problems as well. I you still have problems do let us know via comment box.